We are Honored and Humbled

As Texas BBQ continues to flourish, it’s incredibly great news to be included in such great company. We do our best to create unique flavors and experiences here at Harlem Road Texas BBQ. Below is an excerpt from the original article, linked at the bottom of this post. We are honored and humbled by this feature on Texas Monthly. Hope to see you soon!

Texas Monthly Top 25 Review

Malekian is easy to spot at his barbecue joint. Look for the hat, the rings and bracelets, and the unlit cigar in his mouth. If the Armenian native is cutting meat, he’ll probably be wielding a large blade that’s nothing short of menacing. He’s like the Indiana Jones of Texas barbecue and smokes one of the finest beef ribs I’ve eaten. The brisket’s not half bad, and neither are the freshly made sides. You might find the occasional smoked rack of lamb or even smoked octopus on the menu, but there’s nothing fancy about Harlem Road’s barbecue. It’s all about good meat, simple seasonings, and plenty of wood smoke. Just be sure to save room for the chocolate bread pudding made from croissants. 9823 Harlem Rd, 832-278-2101. Open Wed–Fri 11–8, Sat & Sun 11–sold out.

The above is an excerpt from the original article written by Daniel Vaughn and published on the Texas Monthly website. Photograph in banner originally published on the Texas Monthly website by Jenn Duncan.